The Pros and Cons of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are growing in popularity on a daily basis because they are so very relaxing and offer you with so many therapeutic benefits at the same time. The more advanced massage chairs of today that you will find in stores offer so many attractive features to make your experience more relaxing than anything you might have experienced before. Among the advanced features that these new best massage chairs offer is the Zero Gravity feature which allows the chair to take a reclining position in which your legs are elevated enough to reach the level of your heart to release the pressure on your spine and improve blood circulation. Almost all the good massage chairs that are built nowadays include this feature in them. Let’s have a look at the basis of this Zero Gravity features and the pros and cons of its use:

Origin of Zero Gravity:

The Zero Gravity features which the massage chairs include nowadays isn’t a very recent discovery. It has long since been used by astronauts in a space craft during takeoff to reduce pressure on their spine. This idea of this position of the body was put forward by NASA to help the astronauts endure the sudden changes in gravity during takeoff. It is a position in which your back is reclined and your legs are positioned at a position higher than that of your heart making an angle of roughly 130 degrees.

Pros of Zero Gravity massage chairs:

1.Correctly positions your spine:

The zero gravity is an excellent position for your spine to release the pressure on it and improve your posture. The zero gravity position takes the pressure off your spine and spreads it throughout the body so that the burden of your entire body does not rest on your spine.

2.Improved relaxation:

Since this position takes the pressure of your spine, you will be able to relax your neck and back and will be relieved of any pain that you might be experiencing. You will be able to enjoy a more relaxing and comforting massage.

3.Improved blood circulation:

Instead of the heart having to pump the blood vertically up your legs against the push of gravity it will be pumping it horizontally. This will improve your blood circulation and the nutrients will be transmitted faster.

Cons of zero gravity massage chairs:


The zero gravity massage chairs are of course pricier than the regular massage chairs that are available in the market. The reason is the sophisticated mechanism that is incorporated inside the chair for it to adjust to the zero gravity position.

5.Takes more space:

Another drawback of a zero gravity massage chair is the extra space it takes for its operation. You need to keep ample space for it to adjust to the zero gravity position. if you are living in a small apartment which does not have a lot of spare space, a zero gravity chair might not be the best option for you.

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