What Can and Can’t be done by food processors and blenders

With sharp blades spinning inside a bowl you would expect a blender and a food processor to have the exact same purpose since they have a similar operating mechanism. Although, they might look alike, they have very different functions and are both very essential tools to have in a kitchen. I am very picky about my kitchen appliances since I have very little storage space and cannot afford to pack my kitchen with too many fancy appliances which I may only use occasionally. I only have the essentials which come in handy with most of the everyday recipes I create to make my work faster and easier. My blender and food processor are both equally precious to me and I couldn’t get rid of either one of them even with the lack of storage space. What I’m trying to say is, if you are thinking about buying one of the two appliances and using it to cover all of your blending and processing requirements, it won’t work.

What can a food processor do?

You can use it in place of a knife to slice, chop, shred or dice vegetables when you want it done accurately, quickly and effortlessly. It usually comes with a set of discs and blades for this purpose. You can also use it for grinding meat and kneading dough if it’s strong enough. It also handles thicker purees better than a blender because of its longer blades and wider size of the bowl. Overall, you can say a food processor is a more versatile tool than a blender.

What can’t a food processor do?

A food processor is not so great at working with liquids. Recipes that involve a large amount of liquid are best left as a task for your blender. A little amount of liquid if added to the food processing bowl is quite alright but anything beyond the fill line marked on the inside of the bowl will result in a huge mess on the counter which you will have to clean later.

What can a blender do?

A blender might not be able to perform a bunch of functions that a food processor can, but it’s great at what it does and a food processor cannot beat it in this area. It is designed for blending liquids and is great at creating smoothies, soups, frozen drinks, salad dressings and more. With a blender you can achieve smooth consistencies without worrying about any leakages as long as you keep the lid on. The best of the blenders can even crush ice into a blended drink for creamier results.

What can’t a blender do?

A blender requires you to add some liquid to work efficiently. Its blades will not be able to handle solids so well. With only solids in the blending jar, the blades will create an air pocket around it with the food sitting stationary above it without being able to reach into the blades. If you are making smoothies or other frozen drinks, you will need to make sure that you add enough liquid for successful results. Also a blender comes with only a single blade fixed to the jar so it cannot perform a bunch of different functions like the food processors can. It can only be used for blending.


Although both the appliances serve differently, the main purpose of each one is to make your work easier in the kitchen. If your budget allows you, these are both excellent appliances to have in a kitchen. If, however, you have a restricted budget or space, you need to think what type of recipes you normally cook in your kitchen. If you are a fan of smoothies and blended drinks, it’s best to stick to a blender but if you prepare recipes that involve a lot of chopping and slicing, go for a food processor.


Regular Juice or Cold Pressed Juice: Which Is Better?

Since the arrival of the slow juicers in the market, everybody has been going crazy over these new products and bringing them home to see what all the fuss is about. If you are a juicing enthusiast, chances are you would already be aware of the name ‘cold pressed juice’. Cold pressed juicers use a technique called slow juicing to slowly squeeze out the juice from the fruits and vegetables making sure that minimum heat is produced during its operation so that all the essential nutrients and enzymes stay alive in the drink. If you new to juicing and having trouble understanding the actual difference between a cold pressed juice and a regular juice, you have come to the right place. Our comparison will help you make the best selection among the two types of juices:

Regular Juice:

By regular juice we mean the juice which is extracted through a traditional juicer or one that is not a cold pressed juicer. The traditional juicers use blades spinning at high speeds to cut the fruits which pass through a mesh into a container. These juicers are much cheaper than the more advanced cold pressed juicer machines and extract the juice much faster. The juice that is obtained is a good source of nutrients and is healthy as long as you consume it immediately. However, it does not contain a large percentage of the nutrients that were present in the fruits and vegetables in their original condition. This is because the fast spinning blades of the machine produce a lot of heat which destroys most of the nutrients. Also, the juice will quickly start to rot so you cannot store it for consuming later. It’s best to consume it right away.

Cold Pressed Juice:

A cold pressed juice is the juice extracted through the appliance called a cold pressed juicer. These juicers use a technique which slowly crushes and presses the fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them with fast spinning blades. Since there is not much heat involved in the operation of a cold pressed juicer it effectively retains most of the nutrients in the juice that is produced and since antioxidants are also retained in the drink, it will last much longer than a regular juice. You can make large quantities of cold pressed juice in a single sitting and store it in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for over 3 days. However the extraction of cold pressed juice takes longer time as compared to regular juice and the cold press juicers are also quite expensive as compared to the regular juicers.

So now that you know the differences between the two types of juices, you should easily be able to pick the better of the two. If you have health considerations in mind, you would go for a cold pressed juicer to fulfill your juicing requirements. If, however, you want a cost effective solution you can pick one of the regular juicers which come at an affordable price.

How to make baby food using a baby food processor 

Once your baby starts eating solid food, it is a convenient and a healthy option to keep a baby food processor in your kitchen. The reason you need a baby food processor is that when babies start to eat, they will have to be given pureed food for a long time since they have little or no teeth. Even if they have teeth, they still have to learn how to chew. Baby food processor makes the food easy for baby to eat and eliminates any choking hazards. Ready made baby foods are available in the superstores as well. However, instead of buying baby food it is a healthier and a cheaper option to use a baby food processor to make homemade baby food. A baby food processor makes your task easier and quicker for you since your baby will be keeping you busy most of the time and you don’t have a lot of spare time for making baby food.

One of the first foods recommended for babies is avocado because of its abundance in nutrients and the fact that it is digested easily. You just need to peel the avocado and put the pulp into the food processor along with a little breast milk or formula milk. Milk is added to make the puree thinner and easy for the baby to swallow. The amount of milk added depends on the type of food and how thick you want your puree to be.

Some harder fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes need to be cooked before they can be pureed. For this reason baby food processor comes with a steamer. Some good baby food processors like Baeba Babycook use the same container to steam and blend therefore eliminating the need to wash multiple containers.  Once you have steamed your fruit or vegetable, you can puree it. It is now ready to be served to your baby.

After a while you can start using the same food that you eat, for example rice or meat, to feed your baby after pureeing it in the food processor. You can also try chunkier consistencies now once your baby is old enough. To make chunkier baby food, just run the machine for a couple of seconds and see if you have the right consistency. Make sure the chunks are small enough to avoid choking. Food processors are also available for regular use in the kitchen for making adult meals. You can find more about the best food processors by visit this website and can read food processor reviews as well as much more.

Instead of going through the trouble of making purees every day, most mothers like to make surplus food and store it in the freezer in ice-cube trays. Once the food has frozen, you can transfer it to freezer bags labeled with the type of food along with the date it was frozen. You can use this frozen food for not more than 2-3 months. When it’s time to feed the baby, you can take one slab out and defrost it or microwave it before you feed your baby. Make sure the food is not too hot for the baby.

Baby food processor is the choice of intelligent mothers who are careful when it comes to the health of their families. They prefer to prepare homemade meals for their babies to ensure that the baby stays healthy and is getting the right nutrients from every meal.

The Pros and Cons of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are growing in popularity on a daily basis because they are so very relaxing and offer you with so many therapeutic benefits at the same time. The more advanced massage chairs of today that you will find in stores offer so many attractive features to make your experience more relaxing than anything you might have experienced before. Among the advanced features that these new best massage chairs offer is the Zero Gravity feature which allows the chair to take a reclining position in which your legs are elevated enough to reach the level of your heart to release the pressure on your spine and improve blood circulation. Almost all the good massage chairs that are built nowadays include this feature in them. Let’s have a look at the basis of this Zero Gravity features and the pros and cons of its use:

Origin of Zero Gravity:

The Zero Gravity features which the massage chairs include nowadays isn’t a very recent discovery. It has long since been used by astronauts in a space craft during takeoff to reduce pressure on their spine. This idea of this position of the body was put forward by NASA to help the astronauts endure the sudden changes in gravity during takeoff. It is a position in which your back is reclined and your legs are positioned at a position higher than that of your heart making an angle of roughly 130 degrees.

Pros of Zero Gravity massage chairs:

1.Correctly positions your spine:

The zero gravity is an excellent position for your spine to release the pressure on it and improve your posture. The zero gravity position takes the pressure off your spine and spreads it throughout the body so that the burden of your entire body does not rest on your spine.

2.Improved relaxation:

Since this position takes the pressure of your spine, you will be able to relax your neck and back and will be relieved of any pain that you might be experiencing. You will be able to enjoy a more relaxing and comforting massage.

3.Improved blood circulation:

Instead of the heart having to pump the blood vertically up your legs against the push of gravity it will be pumping it horizontally. This will improve your blood circulation and the nutrients will be transmitted faster.

Cons of zero gravity massage chairs:


The zero gravity massage chairs are of course pricier than the regular massage chairs that are available in the market. The reason is the sophisticated mechanism that is incorporated inside the chair for it to adjust to the zero gravity position.

5.Takes more space:

Another drawback of a zero gravity massage chair is the extra space it takes for its operation. You need to keep ample space for it to adjust to the zero gravity position. if you are living in a small apartment which does not have a lot of spare space, a zero gravity chair might not be the best option for you.

Does wearing a waist trainer help burn body fat? 

Losing weight is probably one of the greatest missions of most people, men and women alike. A big fraction of the world’s population suffers from the issues of obesity. This one problem paves the way for many other health related issues. Heart problems, diabetes, breathing difficulties are all a consequence of obesity.

However, it is sad that very few people are actually willing to take the matter seriously and do something about it. Many people simply make peace with the fact that they are fat and will stay that way. I hope you are not among these. I hope you are among the people who are determined to lose weight not only to look good but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good news for you is that waist trainers are available in the market today to make the whole process easier and faster.

Along with the popularity the waist trainers are gaining, there is much controversy as well as to whether they work? Whether they really help burn body fat? The answer is: If used correctly and with determination, they definitely work!

Waist trainers are designed to enhance the results of exercise. They do this by stimulating sweat around the waist area. When you are sweating more with less exercise, you will be burning fat much faster. These belts are usually made with material like neoprene. This material heats the body. When your body temperature increases you will burn fat faster.

Waist trainers also help lose weight by building up your dietary habits. If you wear a waist trainer during your meal times, they will make you feel fuller much faster. Waist trainers constrict your belly, thus making it impossible for you to overfeed.  You can also read best waist trainer reviews and guide too before starting the waist training.

While it is true that you will have to wait a little long to see any permanent results as is the case with any weight loss technique, you can get a little bit of hope by achieving an instant hourglass look. Wearing a waist trainer will immediately take a couple of inches off your waist and make you look slimmer. Looking yourself in the mirror will give you an idea of what could be achieved and will give you the right determination to continue this regime till the very end.

Choosing the right size for your waist trainer plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. The size you choose should be 2 to 3 inches smaller than your actual waist size. This size will fit tightly yet comfortably. If you choose a size smaller than this, it will be detrimental to your health. If you choose a size larger, it will be ineffective along with being very uncomfortable to wear.

Six Tips You Need To Know Before Riding the Hoverboard

Hoverboard made with two wheels, one each for both side and 2 small platforms between wheels for that rider to be and balance on. It’s a rechargeable scooter which could operate on battery and is also an ideal medium of fun ride for children’s. Shane Chen’s invention became as popular now, within the entire world because he was the very first inventor and user of hoverboard.

So many people are thinking about it to relish the identical fun just like the others which is affordable too. Famous celebrities also have shown their desire for it within their films, so just why you have been anticipating it, to start with which follow some guidelines for any safe ride.

Ways to Learn Before Riding the Hoverboard

Avoid Risk on Rainy Weather:-

Management of hoverboard is extremely necessary while there is few other facility creating to balance on. So, it will likely be risky that you can ride through the rainy season because this little device cannot seize control on wet roads as well as aren’t waterproof. It’s easier to steer clear of the rainy season and extreme climate for this specific purpose and also avoid Wet Street on normal days.

Remove Items for Way:-

If you wish to ride and then use it in your own home, then first of all you have to remove furniture and all sorts of important things from that spot to ride on. To prevent any type of injury through the ride from sharp things continued the way in which, just avoid those and rearrange all to relish your ride.

Ride on Correct Platform:-

Avoid riding over carpets though it’s thick or thin because it helps make the uneven platform to balance. A slippery floor is dangerous to be able to ride on because they are very smooth and slippery to generate a disaster. Thick carpets restrict wheels to maneuver and alter directions and thin carpets will make you slip. So it’s easier to choose flat and dry surface.

Avoid Traffic:-

Hoverboard isn’t a vehicle to ride in high traffic area which can lead to any sort of accident. It’s really a fun ride to savor your weekends, so don’t go ahead and take chance of traveling in traffic. Because it is battery made therefore it may stop after a little distance and you’ll be left unprotected in traffic areas. So choose safe places much like your home, streets, highways, parks etc.

Take Essentials Along With You:-

Before riding away from home you need to try taking some important things along with you just like a helmet or cap to be able to protect yourself from the head trauma should you fall. You are able to apply sunscreen prior to going out. Because you will spend many hours outside which means you need protection and relief so it’s best to have water along with you. If you’re a new rider simply have some first-aid along with you.


If you are planning to experience a long-distance ride, then helmet protection is essential to ride a safe way. Though it’s not essential for experts when you are not inside a traffic area, but my advice is always to use helmet those are simply practicing to ride and balance.

It’s an enjoyable ride and safe too, it’s also utilized in big malls to be able to transport items or products. Even students are utilizing it to visit school too. So, you may also intend to purchase one from an online store or marketplace in low price and relish the ride but keep rules of safety in your mind.